Monday, June 20, 2011

The Sketchbook Challenge

"Pathways Through the Desert" 

The Sketchbook Challenge  was the single biggest inspiration in getting me kick-started with my art this year.  I'd never participated in anything like this and once I got started I was hooked. I've been inspired by all the other participants and their courage to try new things.  I would never have discovered some of these materials and techniques if it wasn't for this challenge.

Right now, I'm happily working on the June theme "Pathways".  This theme was a serendipity for me because it's close to the theme I've chosen for The Art House Co-Op "Sketchbook Project 2012" which is "Pathways Through the Trees" (more on that later).

"Pathways to Identity"

The Sketchbook Challenge is the brain-child of Sue Bleiweiss and she has managed to gather some of the most talented and inspirational artists around to host the monthly themes throughout the year.  Here they are, and I HIGHLY recommend you check out their blogs:
"Pathways Through Iowa"

You can see more of my quirky attempts on my Flickr page here, or The Sketchbook Challenge Flickr group here

Thanks for checking in. xx