Saturday, June 18, 2011

Watercolor Sketchbook

Knowing where to start, or for that matter where to finish, has never been been strong suit.  So rather than give you a long monologue on who, what, were, when, and how about this blog, I'll just start with some visuals from one of my many sketchbooks.  I like to play around with lots of different media and materials, and I keep several sketchbooks going at one time.
I picked up this wonderful little travel set of "Van Gogh" watercolors when I was in Australia some time ago and I just love them. The sketchbook is a Strathmore Watercolor Journal. I'm very much a watercolor novice, so I'm in a constant state of learning and experimenting.
 When I feel stuck I start by doodling a mandala and then I try to bring it to life with some color.  This often gets my creative juices flowing.
I love to draw flowers.  I planted a few impatient seedlings under the big trees in my backyard this spring.  They're all pink and mauve and I can't wait until they come into their glory.

Spring saw the blooming of the lavender bushes we have along the fence line. I love these flowers so much and fill my kitchen with them when they are in full bloom.
My friend Amy gave me a pot of Gerber Daisies. They've bloomed beautifully over the past month and now have about 5 large blooms on the bush.

I'll show you more from this sketchbook later, along with other sketchbooks. and some of my travel journals.

Thanks for checking in. xx