Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Following My Own Path

June is almost over and with the heralding in of a new month comes a new theme for The Sketchbook ChallengeSue Bleiweiss wrote a wonderful post today on the blog about following your own path. It resonated with me because finding my path in art has been my greatest challenge.  The most debilitating part of starting an 'artful' life has been overcoming my crippling lack of self-confidence. The Sketchbook Challenge was the first 'group' thing I ever participated in, but more importantly, the first time I've really stuck with something artistic and purposeful.  I usually go through stages of arty energy that waxes and wains due to a lack of self-confidence, a lack of positive feedback, or a lack of purpose.

If there's one dream I've always had it is to be a full-time artist.  I've won awards in school for my art, but it wasn't something that was encouraged. In my world it was considered a hobby, not to be taken seriously, and definitely not to be considered as a career.  I was pushed into business school, graduated college with a Business Degree and eventually made a career as a Corporate Strategist and Management Consultant.  Don't get me wrong, I was good at it and it was a great experience for over 25 years.  However, I was never really happy on that path.

All my life I have secretly kept sketchbooks, journals, and made the occasional attempt at producing a closet masterpiece.  It wasn't until I met my husband and became a mom that I found the idea of becoming an artist a realistic and honorable pursuit.

Even now my family back home don't know about my art-life and that' ok!  To be honest I'm sure they would be thrilled for me if I gave them the chance, but it's not something I'm ready to test.  I'm still very much on my discovery journey, and that means remaining confident and courageous in my exploration. It also means sharing my creativity and learning with a like minded creative community, drawing inspiration and wisdom from those around me, and most importantly being challenged and pushed in a way that is nurturing and not destructive.  The time for me to expand into the big wide world will come, but for now I'm following my own path.

I'm interested to know a little of your path to art if you're willing to share.  By the way, I've finally stepped into the 'real' cyber-world and joined Facebook, so please add me as a friend.

Thanks for checking in. xx